Transport Wine with Peace of Mind

wine transport packing option for luggage with bottle

Finally, as a wine enthusiast you can now buy all the wine your heart desires when traveling and bring it home safely. The JetBag™ is the best way to travel with wine as it will protect both your wine bottles and belongings in your luggage. A zip-sealed carrier lined with absorbent padding, the JetBag™ will gently cradle your wine bottle–but in case of accidental breakage under pressure, the JetBag™ luggage companion rapidly absorbs up all spills, keeping your clothing free from stains. The JetBag™ is a reusable, lightweight and inexpensive packing solution for transporting alcohol, perfume, vinegar, oil – virtually any liquid that might break in transit while hitchhiking inside your suitcase. Choose from any of three themes or customize a JetBag™ with your logo or artwork for your company or special event.

The JetBag™ is an Innovative Way to Transport Your Wine Bottles Safely.

Traveling with wine in your luggage is a tricky prospect at best! Heightened security and new restrictions leave you forced to check your wine purchases with your luggage. How do you ensure that your wine will arrive safely when your suitcase is thrown on to luggage belts and jostled inside airplanes? You need to find a way to protect your wine bottles, and also make sure that your clothes and personal belongings won’t be ruined if they do get broken inside your luggage. Although there are a lot of wine bottle packing options for traveling, only one option provides dual protection and is reusable. Forget the bubble wrap wine sleeves. They provide minimal protection, aren't reusable, and have no absorbent capability. "Wheels Down", the JetBag™ is the best wine bottle packing option for your luggage while traveling. Check out the tests we performed pertaining to protection, absorption, and retention.

Protects Your Valuables in Flight

The JetBag™ is the perfect way to transport wine (or any other liquids) packed in your suitcase when traveling. A bio-degradable carrier with a reusable zip seal closure, the Jet Bag completely secures your liquids. It’s lined with the same absorbent materials found in baby diapers. JetBags™ also known as WineDiapers™, pad & protect your wine bottle, but will also rapidly absorbs 100% of any liquid spilled, insuring against damage to the valuables inside your suitcase and luggage. Got questions? We got answers! Check out our FAQ to learn more about JetBags™, traveling with wine, and best practices for packing a wine bottle inside your luggage.

Use It Again and Again!

A wine travel bag like the JetBag™ is an inexpensive and lightweight solution that provides you the ultimate bottle protection for your breakable purchases. Even better, its open design means you don’t have to limit its use to bottles of wine! The JetBag™ is also a great travel companion for your luggage when traveling with any liquor, perfume, vinegar, or any liquid you purchase contained in a breakable bottle. As an added bonus, the Jet Bag has a resealable closure, so if no spillage occurs, you can use it again and again throughout your travels! No more one-time usage from a piece of 3M tape on a bubble wrap wine sleeve. JetBags™ are not throw away products requiring you to buy them again and again. If anything, your need to purchase more JetBags™ will be as presents for your wine & travel enthusiast friends.

wine bag for packing inside luggae with bottle

How To Use A JetBag™

Although using a JetBag™ for safely transporting your wine home during travel might seem simple... We assure you it is! In fact, we have taken the time to map out a few steps that you might not have considered. Check out our "How To Guide: Extended Version" on how to package your wine for travel using a JetBag™. We hope you enjoy our sense of humor!
--Idea Mia, LLC.